Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the one where i talk about 31 Days #2

Um, I didn't do anything today.

Mostly I just figured out the reason for my kind of funk this week so far is that I don't have anything to do. I do so much better when I have things built into my schedule that force me to plan out the day and get dressed and presentable at a decent point in the day. I know I'm a grown-up and should be able to do that on my own, but I am not very good at it.

I cleaned up the kitchen a tiny bit. I played with S a lot and we read a lot of books.

That's another thing. All of the sudden, my very busy two year old wants nothing more than to sit in my lap or otherwise drape himself on me all day long. I miss my cuddlebug a little bit, but I have gotten used to us being in the same room each doing something rather than me having to physically hold him all day. Also, he likes to sit in my lap and lean back which pushes the baby into me a bit more. I am confident the baby is fine. My stomach or something gets squished out in a different way to get out of the way of the baby and it's just generally uncomfortable. We'll get it sorted out soon enough. I think he senses the baby or that things are changing and just wants some extra Mommy time. It's weird to think that this time period of it being just me and my little guy is ending in a matter of months.

So, here's to tomorrow being a better and actually productive day!


The Aums Mama said...

Puhleeze...you are growing an actual human being in your body and you call yourself unproductive?!

Melissa said...

LOL, yeah, I guess so.

But I need to get the baby's room together and get back on top of laundry and clean the bathrooms!