Friday, October 19, 2012

the one where i think everyone should have an ob like i do

After puking all day yesterday and being up most of the night with contractions and general uncomfortableness, I called my OB again this morning to ask to be seen because clearly this wasn't good. She said to just go to labor and delivery at the hospital I am going to deliver at and have them evaluate me for dehydration and to check my blood pressure and the baby. So I did.

I got a bag of IV fluids, an anti-nausea medication, and some apple juice, water, and food to actually stay down. My baby was on the monitor the whole time and I could hear his heartbeat and that's just such a lovely sound. Especially when it's my children and the heartbeat is mixed in with kicking the monitor.

My OB came by and told me my labs looked normal again, the baby looked gorgeous, and I seemed happier than I did earlier in the morning so I needed to get the hell out of her hospital. That made me laugh so hard!

I'm doing much better now but am thoroughly exhausted. Had a full on meal and it's staying down just fine so I think I'm good in that department. Just gotta keep up the fluids and hopefully rest up a little bit.

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