Wednesday, February 4, 2009

wednesday wonders

Things making me happy lately...

...Yoga. It is hard and will continue to be challenging all semester, but I seriously love it. I also love that I start out my Mondays and Wednesdays with it. It's a work out but it's so calming at the same time that I just want to do it for two hours every morning. K's sister goes to a yoga class someplace so I can't wait to see if I can join her sometime. After the semester though and I've practiced a gazillion poses in a safe place. :) time with K. We decided to have a weekly date and take turns planning it. Last week was our first one and we had a really lovely time.
...being in love with someone who loves you back just as hard. Relationships are difficult but being in love makes it all worth it.
...having a really good group in my Government class. Sometimes group work is a total drag, but I genuinely like my day to day group and the group I'm doing the semester project with. Sure makes things a lot easier!
...watching the commercials from the Super Bowl in my Social Psychology class and discussing what social implications they have. I love nerding it up like that! calls from my niece and nephew. They're so stinking cute!
...having a job! It's going to stick and it's going to evolve into something really great in the near future. Yay!
...fitting in an eye appointment (and getting a year's supply of contacts) and refilling all prescriptions last month. It was like a free month's of insurance and kind of the only way I could vaguely stick it to my former employer.
...the food I got to eat while watching the first half of the Super Bowl. Don't care about football, but when Bart invites you over, you go. My favorite thing was the jalapenos wrapped in chicken and bacon that were then smoked. Mmmm...
...eating tuna by myself because it means I can be gross about it. Tuna fixed with mayo and then adding relish and minced onion. Awful horrible breath afterwards, but so gross it's just delicious.
...having an income again. It really does get to a point where it's demoralizing to not be contributing financially when you weren't all that well off in the first place.
...streaming Air 1 while at work. I have missed that radio station more than I realized!
...having a really supportive boyfriend.
...dinner last night: t-bones, salad, and wine with K and his mom. He cooked the steaks, I cut up the vegetables, and she poured the wine. :)
...having evenings free again. It's been a very long time...

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