Monday, February 16, 2009

i think this is what i'm going to do

Mondays will be either a movie review or a list of facts you may or may not know about me. I would like to be watching more movies than I have been lately but time is the main factor. What can I say? I'm a busy working woman. So here you are:

1. I typically have two or more open bottles of lotion that I am using and they also tend to be scattered throughout my apartment.
2. I am addicted to Carmex. But it keeps my lips kissable and it's cheap!
3. I can handle a lot of body fluids and stages of people being sick but the thing that never fails to gross me out is snot or listening to someone tell me about an operations on the nose or sinuses. I have no idea why this is.
4. The addition of almonds or almond extract/flavor to almost anything makes it better.
5. I wish my hair was longer again already.
6. I love the Spurs. This season I am working on choosing a favorite player and hopefully going to at least one more game. Next season I will start to learn about stats. And the season after that, I may very well be a full fledged basketball fanatic.
7. Lately I have been really proud of myself for politely holding my ground on things.
8. Lately I have been noticing how jobs I've had before have all added up to me being the person I am with the confidence I have and the feeling that I have the right to politely speak up and call someone on their bullshit immediately instead of waiting a few days to figure out the right way to do it.
9. I have more respect for the Buddhist/Muslim/Jew/Hindu who practices their religion to the best of their ability than I do for a Christian who loudly proclaims they do and turns around and acts un-Christlike on a regular basis.
10. Yoga still makes me happy, from my very core.
11. I think gas is hilarious. Burping and farting totally make me giggle much to my boyfriend's consternation. I try to keep my own gas to myself because, after all, I am a lady.
12. I could eat Japanese food every day and not get tired of it.
13. I never ordered pizza for delivery before living in this apartment.
14. It irritates me irrationally when people add an extra "s" to things. It's Barnes and Noble. Not Barnes and Noble's.
15. My mom has an unusual first name and so my whole life I have unconsciously always made an effort to know people's names, preferred nicknames, and the correct spelling of all of the above.