Thursday, November 6, 2008

ww update #1-the start of week 2

I started Weight Watchers with my mom last week. We decided to go to meetings together. Actually, I asked her if she'd do it with me because I can always lose the first ten pounds and then I get stuck or something happens and I ultimately give up. She has been very succesful with Weight Watchers in the past and always knows all kinds of good snacks or meals or which ones are the best frozen dinners.

So last week I started off all gung-ho and then completely fizzled out towards the end. K and I ordered pizza over the weekend and that's pretty costly in points. And I just didn't pay as close attention as I should have. Weight Watchers has healthy guidelines to follow and I didn't get enough dairy most of the days during the week. I took the stairs more often, but other than that didn't really amp up any kind of exercise.

I weighed in today and I lost 1 pound. Which is totally good, but a little lackluster in comparison to my mom's loss of 7. But the leader told us last week that we were allowed to share with each other but not compare ourselves to eachother. I think that is a fantastic mandate but is easier said than done. My mom was really on top of everything though.

What worked for me:
-buying a few Lean Cuisine frozen dinners and leaving them in the freezer at work
-taking the stairs instead of the elevators if it was four floors or less
-drinking water before I even left my house
-talking to K about how it all works

What I need to work on this week:
-following the healthy guidelines as closely as I can
-walking extra in addition to the stairs (I'm going to stay with four floors though, I'm not superwoman)
-saving some points for when I go home after work
-having more healthy foods in the apartment that are easy to grab and go
-reading the bulletin boards at the web site and talking to my mom about what is working for her

Total progress:
Week 1= -1

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