Tuesday, November 4, 2008

the job dilemia

I currently work 3 pm to 11 pm at a hospital as a secretary. Sometimes I really like it because I learn random medical kinds of things and some of the people I work with are really fantastic. Sometimes I hate it because I do not get credit for most of what I do, doctors can be cruel, and nurses have high stress jobs that sometimes mean they take things out on people that have nothing to do with what is causing their headaches. The hours are alright. I like being able to sleep in a little bit and I never have to deal with traffic. It is a little hard to have a social life because almost everyone else has to get up earlier than I do which means they go to bed earlier too. Family time is relegated to weekends.

A friend mentioned the possibility of there being an opening I'm qualified for at the place where she works. I went ahead and emailed the contact she gave me just to get more information and I'll just kind of see what happens. I haven't even heard back but it kind of has me thinking. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to find something in the 8 am to 5 pm realm. I don't think it would be that hard to find the same pay rate I currently have if not actually a higher wage. I definitely need health insurance that isn't going to drain my checking account but that's the biggest thing I'd have questions about.

So what do I do? How do I decide? I have a perfectly decent job and I know the demons I have to deal with. I had a bad day last week and one of my co-workers told me I didn't really have it all that bad. I guess she's right but sometimes I really don't think they understand all the stuff I have to do that is surrounded by attitudes and general grumpiness. But is that really going to be different at any other job?

Maybe I'm dissatisfied because I've been there for awhile and I'm bored. I've had a strong case of wanderlust for a long time and since I haven't moved, maybe that has transferred itself into my job. I think it would be truly awesome if I could just quit and go to school full-time. But I do believe that opportunity has completely passed me by.

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