Wednesday, November 5, 2008

God is good and has provided. He is still in control. Everything is going to be alright.

I read this awesome blog called Stuff Christians Like and the guy who writes it mentioned that there is a blog every Christian blogger must write the day after the election. So that's where my title came from. You should check the link out, even if you used to go to church or a Christian college but don't anymore because it is highly likely you will find many a post hilarious.

I have to say that I am excited and proud that Obama not only won the Electoral College votes but the popular vote. The Senate and House now have Democrat majorities and I am almost giddy to see how things change. The past eight years have taken their toll on a lot of aspects of America and it truly is time for some things to change. I have every bit of confidence in Barack Obama to be the agent of change, to surround himself with a great group of advisers, and to make good picks for the Supreme Court when it comes to that.

All in all, I am a happy girl. And who knew that this election would be called by 11 pm?!

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