Saturday, November 29, 2008


Oh, Thanksgiving was fabulous. K had to work which wasn't super great but he had a long shift while earning time and a half and that will be a nice boost to his next paycheck. I went to my parent's house and then fixed him a plate and took it to Starbucks where I met his mom and one of his sisters. We sat and chatted for an hour or so which was great. I ended up just going home from there because my eyes were getting really itchy. It turned out one of my contacts had a good sized chunk missing out of it so that's probably what was causing all the discomfort. Easy fix!

The day after Thanksgiving K and I went to his sister's house and ate up some delicious leftovers and enjoyed conversation and whatnot. I need to confess that I absolutely LOVE stuffing. Love it. Could eat an entire plate of it and nothing else for dinner and be a happy girl. K's mom makes stuffing like no other that I have tasted and I have to say it is pretty delicious. It's got a kick to it. But even fawning over it, I need to point out that my mom makes really fantastic stuffing too. Hers has more vegetables in it and I really like that too. I think that's probably the best thing about feeling like I'm part of two families now. Two different sets of holiday traditions with some things that are similar and other things that are very different. Good times for Melissa!

I got to play with my niece and nephew and I haven't gotten to do that in awhile. My niece is going to be five in January and she is seriously so much fun to play with right now. I've loved her for different reasons her entire life and probably will continue to find new ones to love her for, but right now there's a lot more give and take in conversation and playing and she's just a great little person. I think we have a very strong bond and it delights me to no end. My nephew is also adorable in completely different ways. He is a lot quieter than my niece and not quite as bossy but definitely still his own person. I have a hard time picturing anyone else being able to top my dad as his favorite person in the entire world.

There's going to be a whole new baby Z in June! I'm so excited about that too. I finally have that baby fascination switch flipped to on where I delight in little baby clothes and holding babies (that I know) even when they're screaming their heads off. I think my niece and nephew kind of taught me that it's not so scary. And I just got a little older. My biological clock is just fine, but I am thrilled to hold a newborn again in the crook of my arm and be fascinated by itty bitty baby toes and fingers.

I've been thinking about a lot of other stuff that I will try to write about soon. But for now, honestly, it's nice and quiet and a nap just seems like an excellent idea.

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