Tuesday, October 21, 2008

i feel like i'm taking crazy pills!

Something that I love about me and K is that I completely adore movies that have little to no plot but make you laugh hysterically and he only tolerates them. I'm not a completely pushover for a stupid movie, but give me one based on an SNL sketch or something along those lines and I'm pretty much guaranteed to love it. Night at the Roxbury is amongst my favorites and I really do need to add Zoolander and Mystery Men to my collection at some point. K gamely watches these movies with me and laughs fairly heartily as well, but I think it's more at my intense enjoyment of such stupid cinematic offerings and not really at the movie itself.

Last night my dear friend Splenda, aka Kate, was over for a little one on one girl time before we met up with some more girls at a fabulous bistro-ish place for dinner, and we marveled at K's laughter through the closed bedroom door while he was watching The Family Guy. He has a really deep voice anyway and his laugh is loud and contagious and I think we both thought the door was open and were startled to discover it had been in fact closed. He told me once that his mom and sister hated him watching Conan because they'd already be in bed and he'd wake them up with his laughter even though the tv wasn't really near either one of them.

All that to say, laughing with K is one of my favorite things.

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