Friday, October 17, 2008

i am allergic to ant bites

No really. When I get an ant bite, it initially hurts. Then I get a little white bump that kind of looks like it's full of puss and a huge pink welt surrounding it. When I say huge, I mean on average the circumference of a soda can and I promise you I'm not kidding. It itches like a mofo and people at work start asking me if I have a wound with MRSA or something. Nope, just a freaking ant bite. I currently have one on my arm and yesterday someone asked if it gets that bad now what it was like when I was a kid. I said when I was a kid, I lived in California where ants are civilized and do not bite you. The ones who do bite are fire ants and they advertise the fact that they bite by being red. Stupid Texan bugs. All of them bite! Everything is bigger in Texas, including the attitudes and self-importance of teeny tiny bugs.

This week started out awesome because I was going to get a whole bunch of overtime. The other secretary called in sick for the entire week because of some sort of crazy set of allergies and I was going to come in early for three days and end up with 12 hours of overtime. Tuesday I did my 12 hour shift. Wednesday I got up and into the shower and got out of the shower to a voicemail saying they didn't need me and I would be on call until my regularly scheduled time. Same thing on Thursday. Then on Thursday I got sent home early. So now, if I manage to work my entire shift today, I'm going to squeak by with a 40 hour week. This whole thing makes me very grumpy because I could so use the money and also I am feeling very sleep deprived.

K is a night owl. I thought I was a night owl until our schedules began to collide. I really can't stay up past 2 or 2:30 am if I have to work or do anything the next day. K can stay up all night except for a two hour nap and then go work a full shift and hang out or otherwise not take a nap and be pretty good to go. I think he's crazy and envy this all at the same time. Night time is our catch-up time. His schedule isn't consistent but us both being home after I get off from work is, at least for the most part. Even on the nights when I kind of just want to come inside and get straight into bed, I am distracted by the desire to tell him all about my day and hear about his. I end up staying up until at least 3 if not later and it's lovely because I think my boyfriend is amazing and funny and I love spending time with him but it's awful because then I wake up and find it difficult to be in a good mood without a whole lot of behind the eyes effort. If I start to think about what it will be like when we have kids, I want to cry. And also move, because our apartment is too small for the two of us so adding anyone else would just be stupid right now.

As falling back asleep before work today isn't really going to work, I'm totally going to play Pacman. I bought a video game (it actually has 14 arcade games total from the 80s and 90s, not just Pacman), all by myself, that not only do I think is awesome but K thinks is awesome as well. I'm prouder of myself than I really should be.

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