Thursday, February 7, 2008

instead of a wednesday wonder list, it's a thankful thursday list

A list of things that have made me happy recently:

...picking out something for K for Valentine's Day. I love all the stuff, it's so over the top and cheesy that it's fantastic! I'd rather make a big deal out of our anniversary than Valentine's Day, but all the hearts and pinks are so much fun that it's hard to resist.
...going to the gym after work and sweating out frustration about being yelled at when as a secretary there is so very little under my control or influence.
...feeling better about my appearance in general.
...having breakfast with Kate and Heather last weekend because it was delightful and I enjoy the two of them very much.
...buying stuff to take better care of my face. Hopefully I can buy some more makeup soon because I kind of miss it.
...the other night with K when we got some drinks and then came back to my place. I didn't get nearly enough sleep but it was worth it to have had such a fantastic time with him for no reason at all other than it was Tuesday.
...hanging out with my family on Sunday.
...the weather being colder again. I love snuggling down into my bed with all the covers. new "gym bag" that cost a dollar.
...getting a whole new phone at work. It's the little things, it really is.
...getting sucked back into Lost.
...clocking out. There's a lot of satisfaction in the swiping of my ID badge at the end of the day these days, let me tell you.

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