Friday, February 8, 2008

a little bit of rambling because it's been awhile

I got a raise and I got told all the ways I do not meet expectations in my job on the same day. It was a good conversation but it was difficult because I thought I was doing pretty well. Also, it's been ridiculously awful at work for the past two weeks and I haven't ever gotten so much satisfaction and relief out of clocking out every day in my life. It has been stressful and hard for everyone, not just me.

But going to the gym after work is truly fantastic. I get to sweat out some of the roughness of the day. And then because K's house is kind of on the way home, I've been stopping by and hanging out with him a little bit. It makes some late nights, but they are so nice that it makes it worth it. I'm still actually getting enough sleep most of the time as well.

I'm going to bed pretty soon and when I wake up I'll be getting ready to go to work on Friday. That means no matter how difficult the day is, I get to have two whole days off in a row. Praise Jesus for days off.

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