Thursday, February 21, 2008

i'm all sweaty and it feels great

I didn't sleep the best last night. Work has been very stressful. I have missed out on a few things I really wanted to attend because of work which sucks because it has been so stressful there. I just started a new class and this one is a lot harder than my last one so I need to set aside more time at home to work on it. I'm stressed.

Tonight I went to the gym and I did 50 minutes on the elliptical trainer on the cross training setting so the intensities went up and down and whatnot. I tried to keep my heart rate around 130 for fat burning and I was right around there the whole time. So I was working hard enough to accomplish things but not so hard that I was going to pass out any second.

I'm home now and all sweaty and I'm definitely tired but I'm happy. And accomplished. This is week three of working out regularly and it's going great! I want to be more deliberate about my routines (um, maybe HAVING a routine is a good place to start) in March, but I think just going and pushing myself has made it a good start on this whole path.

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