Wednesday, February 20, 2008

wednesday wonders: the why can't I just fall asleep already version

Happy happy things...

...a really great Valentine's Day with K. The holiday itself is not a big deal to me but getting to celebrate being in love with K with him was pretty fantastic.
...sweettart conversation hearts i am by alicia keys. Need something new to listen to at the gym? Go to this gal. Even the mellower stuff kicks ass with its beats and simply incredible arrangements and lyrics. LOVE HER.
...vitamin water. Revive is still my favorite but i tried this other one recently that was pretty great but i can't remember the name of it.
...clocking out at the end of the day without having torn any hair out despite several visions of doing so through the day.
...making plans on the weekend.
...doing a really wuss weight workout but feeling it (without being sore) the next day.
...loving the gym as much as I do these days
...working out after a tediously stressful day
...skipping working out to come home to a vase full of flowers and some dinner courtesy of my boyfriend.
...the sound of my iBook keyboard. truth be told i need a new laptop that has more memory and an unjacked hinged, but this little blossom has done me well
...talking politics without sounding like an idiot
...talking about the future with K without feeling dumb and club soda with a few lime wedges
...a very colorful calendar of events hanging by my front door
...K's enthusiasm about the knight rider movie that was on sunday night. I didn't watch that show growing up but believe me, I am thoroughly filled in on what it was like
...starting a psychology class online. oh hello again my true academic love
...being in school and knowing that though it might not seem like i've risen to my full potential to the random outsider, at least i'm in the works of getting to a college degree
...surprise packages in the mail.
...planning to mail surprise packages to other people (even if I'm retarded and may or may not actually get it done anytime in the near future)
...taking lunch breaks that consist of sitting in my truck and writing in my journal
...blt sandwiches with no mayo at jim's
...looking for a new apartment and finding a great many to choose from that are slightly bigger AND cheaper AND closer to work
...the confidence that comes with deciding to work out three times a week and sticking to it for three weeks in a row
...not having gained any weight this month even if it doesn't look like i'm going to make my ten pound loss goal
...eye cream. whether or not i need it and whether or not it has made a disernible difference, it feels lovely and smells great when i put it on as i'm getting ready for my day
...beating people at foosball after it having been YEARS since the last time i played
...making a list while using questionable capitalization skills

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