Wednesday, August 1, 2007

wednesday wonders

Happiness abounds!

...this weekend was seriously fantastic and better than I had even thought it would be. My boyfriend rocks.
...before I went on my mini-vacation, I got to hang out with my grandmother. that I'm back from my mini-vacation, I get to hang out with Splenda AND her husband! is the first day of August. Also, it is the first day of my birthday month.
...I get to make a list of goals for the year. I went to the local community college, talked to an advisor, and got registered for the fall.
...I got a tour of the campus from my friend Splenda as she hung out with me waiting the two hours it took to actually get to see an advisor. niece told my mom she had a new best friend. My mom asked what her name was and my niece said "Um, I don't know. I'll ask her tomorrow." I love three year olds.
...I've been reading lots of books lately.
...I've been seeing some good movies lately too. a new girl at my old Starbucks gave me a free drink. I don't exactly know why, but why is anyone going to look a gift soy chai latte in the mouth?
...I renewed my lease on my apartment which means I don't have to move for nine more months. new job is going very well.
...I have not broken my new to me phone.
...seriously, the fireflies we saw on Sunday were amazing! I don't think I ever saw them in California.
...almond M&Ms are fantastic.
...peach preserves.
...long walks with my man. It doesn't happen a lot, but hopefully this is a trend that will continue.
...I know I already said this, but I'm taking classes this fall. Yay for Melissa! birthday falls on a Tuesday this year. That means I will hear it mentioned with new releases of books, dvds, and music. I love it when my birthday falls on a Tuesday or a Friday.
...I don't know exactly what K is going to get me for my birthday, but I already know it will be fantastic.
...having cheap good frozen pizza in my freezer.
...emailing one of my California friends while at work. I miss having an email buddy and I've missed her a lot lately so it's nice to meet two needs with one electronic stone. friend Splenda has this fantastic way of making great points in a gentle way. I am so glad I get to hang out with her in person for awhile.
...I'm just happy.

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