Thursday, August 23, 2007

it's technically thursday, but it's cool

I want to do a new thing for Wednesdays but I was working on it earlier and it's going to take a lot more time than I realized, at least at first. I might finish that particular draft later on, but in the meantime, here's a list of happy things:

...I had the best day with K today. He came over before I had to go to work and we had lunch and after we were both off tonight, we met for some beers and then some burgers. Then I found a note he left for me, and I just really love him. is going super well. birthday is next week! starts next week, on my birthday!
...the hurricanes have not brought too much flooding to my area of Texas which is a relief. The water was getting a little crazy there for awhile.
...there's bats that live in the parking garage where I work. It's gross and cool at the exact same time. little love of music revival is way fun and it's also affecting people around me in a great way.
...I have a Regina Spektor song stuck in my head and it's lovely.
...Mike gave me a ton of new albums! nails have been growing super fast lately.
...I am still getting compliments on my haircut. I will post a picture soon.
...watching National Treasure was great because it was a cool movie and the characters were all super big nerds.
...nerds can be cool. can be cool too. Getting a beer buzz is great because it doesn't take much and it goes away before any damage is really inflicted.
...I've got some new friends that I can hang out with and be real with. Awesome.
...I'm having fun rethinking various habits in my life. Stopping to evaluate so many things has made me feel really free.
...I'm excited about writing more blogs about different stuff I've been thinking about!

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