Friday, December 29, 2006

so i'm sick

I had this cold brewing for awhile and I guess I had enough down time for all the stress to catch up with me and mix with the cold only to explode into me being miserable this week. Miserable enough to call in sick even though I'm completely out of paid time off which means not going to work means not getting paid. I've still had to go feed my sister's dog and also make sure I got all the dishes I used at my parent's washed and collected my stuff from everywhere so I'm allowed to camp out at their house the next time they're out of town too.

Tonight, my dad flew back in and I went to pick him up as previously arranged. His flight was delayed and ended up arriving just after midnight. I just got home from dropping him off at his house. This doesn't bode well for me showing up Friday either. I'm torn. My paycheck is basically shot to hell anyway, and I kind of figure, what's one more day? I have the next three off for the holiday and I would for sure be able to come back to work all nice and healthy again next week. But money was tight before...

So you see the dilema.

Everything else is okay though. No new developments to report... But I will write about Christmas and stuff for reals later. I promise.

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