Thursday, December 21, 2006

secret single behavior

Secret Single Behavior, or SSB, consits of the quirks and habits you keep to yourself. When you spend the night at someone's house or someone is at your place, things are different. You deviate from your normal routine. This is something I've thought about here and there, mostly ever since I saw that episode of Sex and the City where Carrie and Aidan decide to live together. Each of the women has something they do when they have a day or a chunk of time to themselves that they don't really tell anyone about. Sometimes it's something really benign like how when you have a sleepover, you don't necessarily wash your face and brush your teeth before going to bed like you normally do at home, and sometimes it's something kind of odd like reading fashion magazines while standing up and eating small stacks of Saltines with grape jelly.

The other night, K and I started one of those ongoing types of conversations that I'm sure will last quite some time about us living together. He asked me how I felt about it and I told him that in some ways I think it would be really great, amazingly great even, and in other ways I just don't know. He said that was better than some things would be really great and others would be really bad, so we're off to a good start as we trek down this path.

The things I just don't know about all fall into the SSB category. Sometimes I don't do the dishes for awhile and I sleep in way too long on a day off. I have a borderline obsessive use of lotion and lip care products. On the Saturdays I have off (which lately is never, my next one might be in February I think), I often sleep in a bit and then do a bunch of housecleaning either mostly or completely naked. Then I shower and enjoy a fresh clean apartment and fresh clean clothes. I have to go to bed early most nights because I get up so early and sometimes I just put leftovers in the fridge because I know it will take longer for them to smell bad. How is this going to mesh with sharing everything with someone else?

But, I really love him. I recently told one of my friends that I want to have adventures with K and although at the time I was thinking more about moving to another place I'd never been or taking a trip or something, I think this qualifies as an adventure too.


mikewurtz said...

" I recently told one of my friends that I want to have adventures with K "

He he. I just had this mental picture of you two in super hero costumes. Awesome.

tina :) said...

What happens is... you get over it. You figure they need to know at some point. Right? That sort of stuff really shouldn't be relationship breakers. It's life. And he'll have quirks too. And eventually you come to share some of your own together.
The hardest thing for me? The whole "going #2" thing while he's at the house... and even that you get over. lol.
The whole moving in together thing is definitely an adventure!