Wednesday, December 20, 2006

one of those random quasi-deep thoughts

Last night, me and K watched Who Killed the Electric Car. It was really interesting and not as propaganda filled as you might think. I enjoyed it and would love to see it spark a resurgence in the interest of the cars at least. Did you know that the first electric car was in like the 30s or something?

Something that struck me during the movie was this group who stood vigil at a parking lot where the last 78 electric cars were parked. They were trying to stop them from being destroyed. Their efforts mostly went unnoticed and the cars were eventually loaded up and taken away, but not before several people were arrested for trying to block the way of the loaded trucks. It made me wonder what I would be willing to be arrested for, if anything. I couldn't think of something I am so passionate about that I would camp out for or be arrested because I was peacefully supporting my cause. It's not the getting arrested that is the important piece. It's the belief and passion that I am missing.

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