Thursday, July 5, 2012

i'm sexy and i know it

I am sixteen weeks pregnant. I have a very small but somewhat visible baby bump. I am basically constantly eating and/or drinking something. And I am the most comfortable in my own skin that I ever have been.

I am overweight and thinking about ways to drop some pounds and get fit once I have this little baby, but I hope I don't lose this confidence. My body is doing something amazing all while I am taking care of my household and my two guys. My hair is finally growing out a bit and I have decent looking skin from being out in the sun this summer making sure S is having a good time being an active little kid.

I am exhausted but I am happy. And as soon as this little baby bump gets bigger, I'm going to start skipping shaving my legs. No one says anything negative to a pregnant lady!


The Aums Mama said...

This summer I've exposed the most skin ever since having 4 kids, and my youngest is now 3. I've found that getting a little summer tan on my problem areas is actually helping a bit. I'm rediscovering body confidence and making peace with the changes that 4 pregnancies put me through. I'm so happy to hear that your exhausted but happy...that's a good place to be while you and your body are doing amazing work!

Melissa said...

I have some pretty big health and fitness goals I intend to tackle after this baby is born. I'm trying to incorporate some things now, like eating better and cooking more at home than eating out and it's going well. But I am comfortable in my own skin. And that goes a very long way. You gotta take the smiles and happiness in your own skin whenever you can!