Thursday, July 26, 2012

the one where i mention we're having another boy!

K's mom has been really interested in baby-sitting for us and I have been really interested in letting her. It is so lovely to go to an OB appointment and leave a urine sample all by myself. S is a fantastic kid and does really well in the waiting room and everything, but since she wants to keep him, it makes things a lot easier!

K and I were able to drop S off and then had enough time to get something quick to eat before going to the doctor. We stopped at a little coffee shop and I had an almond latte and a breakfast taco and it made me way happier than is reasonable. Almond is my favorite everything and ever since Starbucks stopped carrying it, I honestly haven't found a good replacement drink. So my almond latte was delicious. And it was nice to talk to the couple that runs the coffee shop. I could see me and K having a little place like that someday maybe.

Then, the ultrasound! The sonographer asked us if we wanted to know the gender before she started and we said we did. I'm glad we did want to know because when the baby popped up on the screen, it was immediately apparent it was a boy! Everything else looks good. Heart has four working chambers, brain is where it's supposed to be, there's a stomach and kidneys, and I saw hands and feet moving around. There is a small concern about the umbilical cord placement. My doctor is not very worried and there's nothing I can do about it, so I'm not going to dwell on it. We'll probably do another big ultrasound sooner than normal to check on the baby's growth. I'm 19 weeks and he is measuring 20 weeks so it seems like everything is just fine!

K asked me how I felt about having another boy. I'm delighted. I would be just as delighted if we had found out it was a girl. When I found out S was a boy, I was a little nervous because I didn't know what to do with a boy. I think I would have felt nervous about a girl, but found my pacing quickly again. But, I get to keep making sound effects for everything and fart noises and getting button up shirts and itty bitty pants with animals on the butts. One of my friends said we will need to schedule regular girls night outs and I wholeheartedly agree. There is going to be a lot of testosterone and noise in my house!

I'm due on 12/19 but I'm hoping for a little bit of an earlier arrival. I know my baby boy will always battle people calling him a Christmas baby since he'll have a December birthday, but I can fight for him for awhile to not get Christmas themed stuff for his birthday or too many combined presents and that kind of thing. But it would be a tiny bit easier if he was born closer to the beginning of the month. We'll see. And my mom is also a December baby so she'll commiserate with him if he needs it.

We're having a boy!


THE Stephanie said...


Ashton was born in December too. Due on the 20th, but induced on the 9th. She's never had an issue with her bday, but we've always celebrated it apart from Christmas. Although, there is usually a Christmas tree in at least one of her bday pics. LOL

Melissa said...

Oh, that's good to hear. My mom's birthday is 12/30 AND she's a twin so she has had not great experiences (oh, you guys can just share this shirt for your Christmas and birthday presents, right?). I also love my birthday and insist on it being a separate celebration from anything else and do the same for others. A few people have already called this baby a Christmas baby though which is kind of irritating. If he was born on Christmas, yes. But otherwise? No. Ugh.