Wednesday, June 16, 2010

humpday happiness!

Here's a list of things from the recent days making me happy...

...dinner with my hubby tonight!
...a chance to connect with K while we were BOTH awake, lucid, and full of things to share with each other
...dove chocolates with peanut butter
...the faint scent of milk, baby lotion, and contentment in the air when I go to sleep at night.
...a baby with a gorgeous smile
...setting goals that are daunting but still realistic
...making future plans with K parents celebrating 31 years of marriage today!
...making pizzas with the munchkins the other day. Who knew they both loved pineapple that much!
...strangers telling me S is cute when we are out and about amazingly comfortable bed and pillows
...sparkling water. Forevermore, my friends. Forevermore.
...having a car instead of a truck (even though I miss the truck a little)
...genuinely liking my family
...homecooked Mexican food at my mother-in-law's house
...S's one tiny little birth mark on his shoulder burps
...watching The O.C. again
...feeling hopeful about things to come rather then just stuck where I am
...all the babies in our family! My cousin just added another one on Friday!
...the way my baby niece and my son connect without words
...getting to borrow my sister's rug shampooer and attacking the cars tomorrow
...being acclimated to Texas weather and thinking 80 degree evenings are nice
...text messages
...playing Words With Friends
...feeling like I just may be able to handle starting to read actual grown up books again soon parents adoring my son so much
...jeans getting too big!

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