Monday, March 16, 2009


I love Coldplay. I have all their albums and have been a fan from the first time I heard the song "Yellow." It was just very sweet and simple to me which is always the best kind of love song. Even though Chris Martin recently admitted he has no idea what that song is about, I still adore it. It just makes me happy.

I remember when it came out talking with my friend August and telling her how I wish I had a boyfriend and he'd pick that song to be our song and it would just be deliciously romantic and cheesy but great. She said it could be our song. And from August, that wasn't weird or anything. One time she goosed me when she came to visit me at work and my first thought was "I hope that's August" not "Why the hell is someone grabbing my butt cheek like that?!" Which I guess doesn't really explain much why it's okay... I don't know.

Anyway, K just got a new cell phone. He's all kinds of excited about it and is slowly getting used to all the new features it has. He showed me that he gave me my own ringtone. It's "Yellow" by Coldplay.

I don't even care if he remembered me telling that story or not. I think I'm a lucky girl to have such a sweet boyfriend.

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Julie McCoy said...

that is awesome! and so sweet :) Coldplay is great...