Wednesday, March 11, 2009

super auntie!

This week I am watching the babies. I will always refer to them as "the babies" even though they are now five and four and would be indignant to hear themselves referred to as anything besides "kids" or basically not babies.

I am used to getting up early and having a full day but I am not used to having days as quite as full as these past few have been. My niece and nephew are very good at playing with each other and entertaining themselves but since I'm here, they want new and exciting things to do. So far I believe I have met the challenge. There has been fort building, bike riding, backyard lap running, book reading, movie watching, hiding and seeking, thank you note writing, picture drawing, back rubs, and lots and lots and lots of laughter. This has equaled out to me being EXHAUSTED at the end of the day.

So far, I think my favorite thing that happened was yesterday. In the morning, we made a ginormous fort and they had tons of fun hiding out in it with their stuffed animals. Then I realized it was still kind of cool outside and it would be a perfect time to get some bike riding in so we went off to do that. I took them to one of the courts so they could ride around and I wouldn't have to run so much. My niece likes to go super fast (and luckily laughs her head off when she falls) and my nephew is still having a little trouble understanding that if he pedals backwards he's hitting the brakes. So we're riding and riding and they both are getting tired so we start heading back to the house. My niece says to me "Auntie! After we get back home, you can put us back in our cage!" Of course her little voice echoed through the neighborhood. I tried to say just as loudly that it was a FORT not a cage, but mostly I'm hoping everyone was just at work.

I keep telling them I have super powers. We played Hide and Seek yesterday and they both literally walked right past me in two different rounds so I told them obviously I can turn invisible. And today I made them toad in a hole and I think that may have just sealed the deal. Who knew an egg cooked in the middle of a piece of bread would be such a big deal?

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Julie McCoy said...

You've always been such a great auntie! Have fun :)