Thursday, December 4, 2008


So this is what I was thinking about because I was laying in bed feeling miserable and couldn't think of anything happy to think about. I hate December.

It truly used to be my favorite month and I worked in a mall for a lot of years so that should really qualify that statement. Even in California people just get a little nicer to strangers. They hold doors open, there's more smiles, there's twinkle lights EVERYWHERE, and Christmas music is simply fantastic. Then there is plenty of family time and good food and surprises seemingly around every corner.

But let's take a look at my last few Decembers.

One week a sinus and ear infection. One week off. Another week of the allergies from hell. A shot in the doctor's office, two pills in the morning, one nasal spray once in the morning, another nasal spray two other times during the day, and another set of pills that is a little confusing but is helping clear the fluid in my ears so I'm alright with it. I sound like a frog lives in my throat, I am coughing from my toes, and sneezing like a mofo.

Two weeks of misery that was also allergy induced. I just didn't know any better and waited a few days before going to the doctor. It was right before Christmas and I barely had the energy to do anything at all Christmas-y. And I was broke from not working.

It wasn't entirely bad, just weird. I went to California with my mom at the beginning because my grandmother was having surgery and no one knew how well she was going to do with the operation and the recovery. My mom ended up not coming back home for several months. Christmas was a little stranger than normal because everyone was in California for my cousin's wedding except me. I did make sugar cookies with K and he had never rolled out dough and done sprinkles before and that was kind of awesome.

My dad and I drove all of my earthly belongings from Riverside to San Antonio. It took exactly the same amount of time to get from Riverside to the border of Texas as it did to get from the border of Texas to San Antonio. It's a big freaking state. It was a very tumultuous time for me, deciding to move and figuring out a way to make it happen. Or really convince my parents to help me make it happen because they financed the whole operation and let me move in with them with no restrictions. I made the decision quickly and said a lot of sad good-byes and moved with no idea how it would turn out. Being a full-time auntie and having a fantastic boyfriend have worked out pretty well though.

I guess that's about it. I am just grumpy and frustrated because I am so incredibly tired but I cannot get comfortable enough to actually fall asleep. There's too much air blowing on my face but turning the fan down means my legs start sweating again. I need to lie down to sleep but then I can feel my pulse in my sinuses. So I'm blogging and watching old sitcoms. TV Land and Nick at Nite are fantastic in my book.

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