Thursday, May 1, 2008

i could make an AWESOME fort in my living room right now

I'm moving on Saturday! I am very excited about this. I have lived in my current place for a year and nine months and it's been fine, but I'm really looking forward to the new apartment. It's closer to work and it's a tiny bit bigger and a tiny bit cheaper. The price difference is enough to cover my cell phone bill so that's cool with me. The kitchen and the bathroom are a little bit smaller than in my current placce, but I'd rather have a bigger living area in exchange so that's cool. Plus, the bathroom is not actually in my bedroom, which again, not a big deal but so nice for it to be that way.

Before the exciting part of moving everything in and deciding where everything goes and then making plans to invite people over for dinner and a movie night or just to hang out for a bit, I have to finish pack everything up and get it moderately organized so the people that have so graciously agreed to help don't find the whole task to be arduous. I hate packing. I really seriously do. I don't even really like packing for small trips. I either end up with too much or too little. You'd think packing everything I own would be fun because it's a good opportunity to evaluate whether or not I really need all this stuff, but no. It's a pain in my ass.

The packing does lead to unpacking which I am a fan of. I like getting to decide where everything goes and making a new place feel like home. I'm excited to explore my new neighborhood and find where the good grocery story and Target are and all of that stuff. Should be good times!

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