Tuesday, May 6, 2008

who knew you could fit so much into one kitchen?

I had a lot of moving help on Saturday and I got almost everything packed up and ready to go. I have some odds and ends here and there, things on the wall, and most of the kitchen left to bring to the new place. I've done two trips where I had needed to take care of some other things and stopped by my old place and filled up my truck cab with stuff from the kitchen. Today I realized that this method is going to take forever. I need to go there after work tonight and just empty out all the cabinets and load up my truck and bring it all home. I will just have to wait to catch up on sleep and other things like setting up my gym routine again until next week when I only have one apartment in my name.

But I do have cable, internet, and phone. And something else that's awesome is I totally have an intrusion alarm on my apartment. Don't be trying to break in, EVERYONE will know! And, even with all the stuff I have left to do, I feel like half of my usual stress load has been lifted right off my shoulders. My new place already feels like home. Even with the boxes and the kitchen especially being in such disarray.

Yay for such a great move!

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You seem interesting.