Sunday, May 4, 2008

this is the most grown up looking apartment i've ever had

First of all I have to say my dad will be proud but probably shake his head at me when I tell him that I turned my computer on just to see if there were any unprotected wireless networks I could borrow for the day and immediately found on. I'm not going to cancel my own actual internet service or anything, but it sure is nice to sit and relax with some bloggin' before I get back to all the unpacking and figuring out what else I need to buy and when to do it and all of that madness. :)

My new apartment is fantastic. There is still some stuff in my old place and I still need to clean it up a little but I am going to be actually living at the new place from now (well, yesterday) on. The cool thing is that the people who helped me move think it is just as great as I do. It's extra fun when other people get excited with you about something you've done or bought or have looked forward to. I'm still working on putting all the furniture where it will really be and I have two items that I am starting to lean more and more towards getting rid of but I am a little hesitant to make that decision final. I don't know what to do with them though!

K was super grumpy last night and I have learned that sometimes it is better to just let him be when he's grumpy because then he'll eventually tell me what's bothering him. I used to ask him what was going on and he'd deny anything was on his mind and get even grumpier. You learn a lot about someone in two years of dating I suppose. Anyway, something that I admire about him that annoys me at the same time is the fact he adjusts so well to his surroundings and circumstances that he rarely wonders what things would be like if they were different. I am envious in some ways because until very recently I've had one foot out the door at all times. With jobs, with where I've lived, with relationships in some ways, just in everything. I often have to tell myself to only do one thing at a time so I can have time to actually enjoy just where I'm at instead of staring off wistfully into the distance wondering what's coming up next. K doesn't really do that. A little bit, sure, but he's never spent an afternoon thinking about which foriegn country he would most like to live in for a year and thought of a possible way to make it happen. I think that's fun to do sometimes.

Something I did not know that he explained to me was that he just simply doesn't like change. He doesn't like having to get to know a new area. He doesn't like things being different. Even if the new thing is better, he just doesn't like it at first. So he's grumpy because I moved. We have to get to know a different neighborhood and find new little hole in the wall places to eat close to my apartment. He has to drive a different way to work. My apartment looks different. The stuff in the kitchen is going to be in different spots. I'm glad he knows exactly why he is grumpy and decided to tell me, but I'm just hoping he'll get over it soon. Especially because I am super stoked to be here and I think this was a fantastic decision and move in a lot of different ways.

There's a lot of stuff I need to take care of to be able to just go to bed tonight and go to work tomorrow without jumping through ten different hoops to get ready. Plus, my mom is cooking salmon tonight. I could make it myself, but I've had a hankering for it for awhile and I can't make it for myself any old time and have dinner with my grandmother at the same time. It's a good deal all around to hang out with the fam tonight. :)

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