Monday, September 6, 2010

the world ends without a tragedy

I miss writing.

I really do.

I miss reading too.

I, for the most part, really enjoy my life these days. There's a lot of challenges and there are a few things that make me want to bang my head on the wall because they are basically stupid situations that I am not in control of that will change for the better EVENTUALLY but nowhere near what I would make the time line be if I was in charge. But really, overall, things are good.

I am uncomfortable with the idea of people using this blog and what I post on Facebook to feel that they are caught up on my life. It's a fraction. And usually, it's not the actual big stuff.

Big stuff is messy and involves other people and is generally not appropriate for general consumption.

I had a good balance of writing regularly and sharing appropriately for awhile.

Let's see if I can get it back.

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