Saturday, February 27, 2010

seven quick takes

Friday Quick Takes!

1. I've had my iPhone for about a year, but I feel like I really USE it now. Just all of the sudden it really clicked how I could unleash some of its power to make my life a bit easier and entertainment filled. I think it's mostly that being on bed rest or just being exhausted means I'm laying down and bored and I've suddenly discovered a bunch of cool apps and how to feel comfortable browsing the web. And I'll go ahead and say I get what the appeal of the iPad is (except they totally should have named it the iSlate or iTablet) but I wont' be buying one any time soon. It would be kind of nice to have a bigger screen with the same dynamic experience to be able to really read in bed but how much longer will I be stuck slash have the time to enjoy it?

2. All I'm doing these days is hanging out at home growing a baby or going to doctor appointments to check to make sure the baby is still growing. This is supremely boring and what is even more frustrating is that although I have time and my own vehicle and whatnot, trying to venture out for much more than a doctor appointment wipes me out. And apparently when I come home and lay down again I snore loud enough for my mom to hear in the kitchen. I digress. Boring. I am bored bored bored. Also I have nothing to talk about with anyone because all I do is stay home and hope my blood pressure levels off and the baby is just fine. Not that no one is interested in that, but it doesn't make a very interesting conversation for very long.

3. In roughly less than a month, it is highly possible that my sister and I could be sitting in my parent's living room each nursing a baby.

4. I LOVE THE WINTER OLYMPICS. I get caught up in whatever sport is airing. I don't quite understand curling but I'm getting there... And I have to say short track speed skating is totally my favorite. I love getting to see the background stories on athletes and rooting for people and seeing history be made. I didn't realize there were so many winter sports that I enjoyed! Summer Olympics are an easy draw for me but I now simply and firmly LOVE THE OLYMPICS.

5. Pregnancy symptoms that caught me by surprise that I'm pretty much over: carpal tunnel syndrome, an endlessly stuffy nose, and ever expanding feet. I have high hopes that a few months after Baby C comes out to play that these will at the very least calm down. I'm really hoping my feet aren't going to stay exactly this big because it's going to be kind of difficult to find cute shoes and socks but I'm resigning myself to the idea that they won't shrink too much just in case. And the carpal tunnel syndrome really has got to go. The stuffy nose is bearable, just kind of obnoxious at night especially.

6. Bare bones honestly, I sit in my room with the tv on or a book open and my mind drifts and I start thinking about my friends. I start wondering what happened to all of them. I used to have a bunch in California and a bunch here in town and with the exception of a precious few (T and B, I'm looking at you), if I don't initiate conversation or hang out time, it doesn't happen. I understand that everyone has their own stuff going on and some schedules are less forgiving than others because I've totally been there. I just find myself wondering how much is me being overdramatic because I'm stuck at home with pregnancy hormones pumping through my system and whether or not really cleaning house on Facebook is reasonable right now. How do you ask people to please talk to you or hang out with you without just being lonely and needy? Or is that just okay sometimes?

7. I honest to God fall more in love with Ki on at least a weekly basis if not daily. Sometimes it's really specific things (him gushing over baby shoes, back rubs without being asked, his excitement about playing poker) and sometimes it's just getting to lay next to him at night or that we have matching wedding bands that we each loath taking off for any extended period of time. I had no idea that I'd marry him when I first met him or even through the first part of our relationship. But I count myself blessed every day to have him in my life, for us to have formed a family, and for there to be a baby about to join us.

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