Wednesday, February 3, 2010

humpday happiness!

Wahoosie, a list of happy things from this week!

...NSTs for the baby--it's nice to sit in a room for an hour with my husband and listen to the baby's heartbeat. Good thing I don't mind since this a weekly event now! showers.
...watching tons of episodes of The Office in no particular order
...if I take my wedding ring off at night before I go to bed, I can wear it the whole day long.
...Ki thinking it was funny when I fell asleep on his chest and maybe drooled a little
...a GORGEOUS wedding present from my aunt and uncle that arrived in THREE BOXES. I cannot wait to figure out what to cook with all of my new awesome cookware!
...coming up with ideas of things to post to where I get to be an editor (as soon as I actually post something anyway)
...using my Blockbuster Online membership
...checking books out from the library
...text messages, especially when I have conversations with three people or so at a time
...long phone conversations with my cousin. It's fun being pregnant at the same time as a relative!
...being almost done with setting up the baby's room
...playing around with makeup
...the rain!
...a wonderful crazy generous gift from T arriving in the mail
...long conversations with my six year old niece
...watching my husband get more and more excited about the baby being born soon
...watching Teen Mom and then reading the bulletin boards on can't help myself
...Stand-up Show Down on Comedy Central nephew asking "Auntie, can you make this baby a boy please?"
...watching High Stakes Poker on Sunday nights
...Mug Root Beer
...following Sesame Street on Twitter

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