Wednesday, February 24, 2010

humpday happiness

A list of things making me happy this week...

...watching a ridiculous amount of movies.
...Facebook mom buying clothes for the baby with coordinating accessories husband's reaction to itty bitty baby shoes
...the amazing amount of use I've gotten out of my bath robe. Excellent purchase.
...brisket, even if I still feel hungry later on
...corn beef and cabbage
...Ki's fascination with curling episodes of Family Guy and King of the Hill on Adult Swim
...a handful of new maternity shirts. I may be almost done but it sure is nice to have some not the same old clothes to wear!
...the realization that if you don't pluck your eyebrows for awhile, it's unlikely anyone will actually SAY anything about it
...pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome either easing up or me getting used to it
...saving money
...sparkling water! Yay for sparkling water!
..."arguing" about baby names
...more cold weather!

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