Monday, March 24, 2008

sometimes finding the truth is easier than facing it

That's the tag line for the movie In the Valley of Elah. K and I watched it today and I was fairly blown away. I didn't know much about it and wasn't really interested in seeing it, but K's stepmom picked it for everyone to watch today and I have to say, I'm glad she did. It's a war movie, but not in the typical sense. It's an after coming back from fighting in the war movie. It's disturbing because the film highlights how being in Iraq can change people and make them do things they never would have before and think about things in ways that would have been previously unacceptable but doesn't even hint at a way to address it or fix it or anything at all. I'd put this movie in the same category with The Kingdom and Lions for Lambs in that it makes you stop and think and then want to sit and cry because we are in so deep into a problem that spans so many facets that fixing it seems impossible. If I had a flag, I would be tempted to start flying it upside down myself.

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