Monday, March 17, 2008

boring but so lovely to me anyway

This weekend was great! Friday night after finally getting to leave work, Nurse Heather and I got some chips and queso coupled with margaritas. Then I met up with K and we got to catch up about our weeks and stuff. Saturday I never even took a shower. I was a complete bum! Sunday (which is still kind of today since I haven't gone to bed yet) was some more lounging and a meal at IHOP and some shopping at Target with K. He helped me clean up my apartment a little bit. I had a vision of really hardcore cleaning it which we didn't really do, but doing all the laundry and folding it AND putting it away and doing most of the dishes and putting THEM away really made a difference in how I feel about my place and all. I bought a nifty duster thing and cleaned my ceiling fans and cleaned out my fridge. K and I ordered pizza and watched Ninja Warrior and it was all just great. Super non-exciting but I feel refreshed. Actually I'm still a little tired but thankfully the headache I had literally all day on Friday went away and hasn't returned.

So right now I'm going to get another glass of water and go to bed and watch Roseanne until I fall asleep. I'm turning off my phone ringer and sleeping heartily.

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