Tuesday, September 4, 2007

wednesday whats

what i've been watching:

The Aristocrats. It's a documentary about this digusting joke that has been around for hundreds of years. It's really a joke that comics tell each other because although everyone knows the punchline, it's an opportunity to display your set-up ability. It really is a foul joke because the point is to juxtapose the set up with the punchline, but towards the end of the documentary they talked about how what is offensive has changed over the years. It was also interesting to see the difference between younger comics and older ones and to hear how that joke has appeared in situations through the years. Fascinating but gross all at the same time.

House: Season 3. Absolutely fantastic show. I borrowed the first two seasons on dvd from my friend Mike and was really excited to realize the third one was coming out with theoretically enough time to watch it before the fourth season starts on tv. There is something cool about just watching a show on dvd, but I'm sure my curiousity will win out as this season will inevitably end on another cliffhanger. I am fascinated by the display of two different ways of approaching things (pragmatic vs. emotional) conflicting and working together in the same episode. But I have to say, I enjoyed it a tiny bit more when I wasn't so familiar with diagnostic bloodwork.

Fracture. I love movies that make you think as you watch them. Anthony Hopkins kills his wife and then plays an elaborate game with the police and prosecution. Shocking, I know, but no one plays the evil mastermind like Anthony Hopkins so I think we should just let him keep doing it. Ryan Gosling was great and I really enjoyed the movie overall. If you like whodunits, definitely rent it immediately.

what i've been reading:

What's Eating Gilbet Grape by Peter Hedges. It's good. Kinda weird. I saw the movie a million years ago, and K and I were talking about it a little bit ago because it's one of his favorite books and movies. I'm trying a new thing where I don't finish the book in two point five seconds. I'm trying to read it slowly and think about it inbetween reading and not miss anything. I read really fast and when I read books sometimes I think I kind of miss things because of it. It usually drives K crazy that I can start and finish a book so quickly but now that I'm actually trying to take longer, that's annoying him a little bit I think. I'll probably finish it tomorrow.

what i'm checking out on the internet:

Brand new iPods, new deals on iPhones, and fabulous additions to iTunes. Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin.

My current favorite news and celebrity gossip site. I read most of the site every day because I am a nerd. Also, because one of my teachers expects us to read the news every day so we can talk about it in class, but mostly because I'm just a nerd. I like it a little better than cnn.com because there's not as many stories that are exclusively video feeds.

My favorite non-girlie magazine. I mean, like non-Cosmo/Glamour/etc. It's a lovely web site full of a gazillion tips for housekeeping and recipes and organzing time and the like. My mom has had a Good Housekeeping subscription my whole life, and I feel like this will be my standby subscription at some point. Actually, probably as of my next paycheck. :)

Just because it's fantastic.

what is making me happy these days:
a fantastic birthday!
more birthday celebrations still to come!
i started going to school again!
work is going well
i get to spend practically every weekend with my boyfriend and it is rarely not the highlight of my week
new recipes
curly hair

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