Sunday, September 2, 2007


My main email address is my first initial and my last name. It's simple, it's professional if I need it to be, it's easy. I've had it for a few years. I decided when I got this email address that I would try to just use it for a long time so I can be moderately accesible on the internet. I've moved a lot and maybe someone from the past will try to contact me. Changing my email address every so often kind of deters that.

I'm sure everyone occassionaly gets emails that weren't meant for them. But lately, I think there are people whose names fit the criteria I used to create my email address that just wish they had done it first so they tell people that's what their email address is. I'm on a list that gets minutes about a homeowner's association. I'm on someone's work email list that gets me tons of work forwards. And now? Some genius thinks they are emailing themselves little handy notes about things but instead is emailing me.

I'm on the verge of just changing my address again. The thing keeping me from it is I shouldn't have to adapt because other people can't remember their own email address.

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