Saturday, April 13, 2013

newsletter: month four

Dear Asher,

You are my Sunshine Bear. You have a particular smile that is so big and wide that it just seems like sunshine is going to come pouring out of your mouth at any moment! You have a lot of little smiles too, but that sunshine one is killer. Daddy and I were talking the other day about how we might be in trouble if you find out how fantastic it is. As a teenager, I hope you don't ever think it's going to get you out of facing consequences with us!

Four months old and just about to go into size 9-12 month clothes. You have so many rolls and crevices that I actually talked to a few people about the best way to keep your skin from getting irritated! I'm still exclusively breast feeding you and I know it's not just me, but I can't help but look at you with all your chubby cuteness and how much you've grown since you were born and feel strangely proud that I've had such a hand in supporting it! I will try not to take credit for things you do, but I'm confident I will always look at you with a little awe that you came from me and Daddy.

You are a bit impatient with the whole part where you're a baby and not mobile just yet. You see your brother and your cousins running (or crawling) around and I can tell you're just DYING to get on the floor and keep up with everyone! You are strong and a little stubborn and very determined. It is not going to surprise me in the least to see you crawling soon. But for now, sweet baby, let me hold you close. There is so much time for you to run and tumble and scrape knees and jump off of too high pieces of furniture. FYI, I will always kiss you too many times on those luscious cheeks of yours. Always, even if I have to make you bend down so I can reach your face. 

We have had a bit of a heavy month with job upheaval and decision making that will impact the four of us for quite awhile. One thing that I was a little surprised by was how solidly I think of us as a family of four. I'm sure it's cliche or a little silly to say that I can't believe how much love flows in our house. In the midst of uncertainty about various things little babies never have to even think about, much less worry, our little unit of four is solid. Your brother is completely crazy about you, your dad and I are more in love now than ever before, and you are just so thoroughly loved. My goals for you and Samson are for you to each be God seekers who are healthy and productive members of society. I hope happiness falls in there too. But even more than that, may you always feel this much love in your life. The way you smile at each of us when we walk back into your vision line is amazing and it's not a smile you share with the world at large.

You are so happy and such a blessing. God really honored our name choice for you, Asher. I love you so much my heart has to grow a little each day to try to contain it all.

Happy four months!
Love, Mama

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