Wednesday, February 20, 2013

the one that is a list of happy things

Some things making me happy this week...

...S is talking nonstop and his sentences are getting more complex and longer. I am endlessly amused by his "Guess what!"
...worth a separate mention, this conversation: Me: S, did you poop? S: No Mommy. I will do that later.
...A smiles and smiles and smiles oldest son and my youngest niece are becoming quite the cohorts. They should be nicer to each other sometimes, but luckily they start it equally.
...planning S's third birthday party! It's super tiny and probably the last year we can get away with having a meal with a bunch of adults for his party. Heh.
...K and I having a short state of the union conversation after a sermon about marriage. The state of our union is good!
...a date night (well, afternoon) on the calendar!
...Twitter (@meljamc)
...setting up a job where I'll be doing social media for a non-profit. The expectations are kind of high, but I really think I can meet them! And I get to do it from home in the middle of diapers and runny noses.
...a good two month check-up for A. His doctor said, "Oh, I just LOVE him!" That's music to a mama's ears!
...getting fitted for a super good quality nursing bra. Can't reccommend Nordstrom enough! I can't afford to actually shop there, but their customer service is outstanding. They got me all set up for my wedding and I can't tell you how relieved I am to have nursing bras that fit well on their way to my house!
...plans to go to a friend's house (a really fantastic friend) and watch some Friday Night Lights with a bunch of cool people coming up soon!

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