Wednesday, January 16, 2013

the one where i make a list of happy things

Trying to get back into the swing of things online here! I have a list of happy things!

...the way A's hair stands straight up after I give him a bath. nails are long and strong.
...S just went to bed and is actually quiet in his room which is practically a miracle! living room is moving from embarrassingly messy to just plain messy.
...A gained 2 pounds in 2 weeks from breastfeeding alone!
...the way the boys' pediatrician genuinely cares about them.
...drinking gobs of water.
...carmex. new shower head making a 10 minute shower feel like a vacation. lots of really good food.
...I've already lost more weight than I gained while pregnant.
...plans to lose a gazillion more plans once I'm cleared to start exercising again in the works.
...Friday Night Lights
...getting nervous about the amount of baby clothes in the next few sizes and then opening up a box of a ton of clothes. So thankful for the ridiculous amount of clothes I have for A!

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