Thursday, December 6, 2012

the one where i pause for a minute

Just counting down the days now. My c-section is scheduled for 12/13 and it looks like that's really going to be the day. It's really crazy to me. S was born at 38 weeks, so this is the longest I've ever been pregnant. No pre-eclampsia, just pregnancy induced hypertension which is a lot easier to manage and something to be thankful for. I had a non-stress test and an ultrasound on Tuesday before I sat with my doctor and she hugged me and told me I looked amazing and she was proud of me for making it this far. She is more astounded than I am that when my blood pressure started creeping up it wasn't until week 35 AND although it is a bit high, it's not in the real danger zone even now. And this baby is huge. The estimate they gave me on Tuesday was 9 lbs, 3 oz. We'll see where he lands at next week!

I'm just trying to take it easy. There's some things I would still like to get done, but basically all the really important stuff is taken care of. I wish my house was a little cleaner, but it's going to have to wait or not be done by me at least. The last kind of taxing thing to do is a big grocery trip so my guys have food and easy meals while I'm in the hospital. K is going to stay with me the first night and then hold down the fort and do some S wrangling the other few days I'll be in the hospital. We are both hoping that it'll be a good chance to have a solid start to recovery from surgery and for breastfeeding. We just still have to tell both of our moms that they can't come see the baby every day while I'm there!

It's going to be weird to go from it being just one kiddo to two. I hope it doesn't take long to find my footing and that I can make sure to still have one-on-one time with S in the midst of all the time Baby C-2 will require. I know we are going to be a great family of four. I am admittedly nervous at starting this journey right in the middle of so much family visiting from California and having to decline invites to at least five Christmas events and most likely staying home on Christmas Day. It'll work out though. And we'll have a cute brand new little guy to share when we venture outside!

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