Monday, December 13, 2010

newsletter: month 9

Dear Samson,

I just laid you down in your crib with my fingers crossed that you'll stay asleep until at least 7 am. First you were asleep on my chest for about an hour and a half because every time I moved, your little eyes would pop open and you'd cry a little bit until I got you calmed back down and asleep. I am certain that some people would criticize the fact that I don't have you cry it out in your crib very often. You're not on a strict schedule and I don't worry very much about things like that. Sometimes when I can't get you to stay asleep in your crib I wonder if I should change things. But then I start to think about how incredibly quickly the past nine months have gone by and I just try to soak everything I can up. Right now, you will cuddle with me and sleep all over me. Right now, I am completely hysterical because I make silly faces and sounds and startle you. Right now, I can kiss you all over your sweet little face without much complaining on your end. I suspect that although I will always want to kiss you all over your sweet little face, it won't really be much longer before you revolt. So, for right now, I'm trying to savor all the times you want just me to hold you until you're relaxed enough to sleep.

Something that is great about being a new parent is getting to experience so many things for the first time again in a way. Daddy and I are so excited to have your first Christmas with you! It's going to be a lot of fun because we think you are just old enough to get the hang of unwrapping paper off of boxes and we know you're going to love the toys we got you. We got to go buy stockings for our whole little family so they'd be ready for Santa to fill on Christmas Eve. Getting ornaments out makes me so excited to see what ornaments we'll be buying for you over the years to mark accomplishments and interests. It's just all so exciting!

You are a little crawling machine who enjoys finding things that no one thought were accessible to play with. You crawl up on all fours unless you want to go really fast and that's when you drop down to an army crawl and swiftly take off, usually down the hallway at our house. You are also pulling yourself up on everything and anything you can and taking a few careful and guided steps along furniture. Sometimes you'll be in the middle of the room and it looks like you're going to just stand up without the aid of anything at all. I kind of think you can, but am glad that you always just drop back down and crawl over to something that has caught your eye. You are only nine months old. There is plenty of time for walking and running later!

I love you like crazy, little man. You are truly a fun little kid and I'm so lucky to be your mama. Here's to month 10 and I suspect the two additional little teeth in that cute mouth of yours!

Love, Mama

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