Wednesday, April 14, 2010

humpday happiness

Here's a list of happy happy things!

...thrift store shopping: 3 pairs of pants, 3 pairs of pajama pants, a hoodie for S, and an outfit for S: $16
...breastfeeding is going much much much better now. I think we've really got it down now!
...strong fingernails
...a rainy break from the ridiculous amount of oak pollen in the air husband's new Elvis sunglasses
...soft broken in sheets
...S is a month old!
...folding itty bitty baby clothes
...hanging out with my sister
...pretending like my youngest niece knows how to high five and being an excited crazy lady in Starbucks with her
...walks with S around the neighborhood. Even better when my friend can join us!
...finding a post office inside a gas station not too far from my house!
...I have to say it: sparkling water
...the tingly feeling in my fingertips is almost gone! wedding band is slightly loose! A drastic change from just a few weeks ago when it got stuck on my finger! husband telling me that for an anniversary sometime down the road he would like to design new matching wedding bands for us
...the astounding amount of patience I have with my son without even trying
...being able to laugh heartily at poop explosions
...being able to pack up and drive places!
...having a packed diaper bag that hasn't let me down yet
...the return of Army Wives on tv!
...using the crap out of our Blockbuster online account
...playing Words With Friends on my iPhone iPhone in general! 

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