Thursday, April 8, 2010

humpday happiness!

Here's to starting to figure out what normal looks like with a newborn!

Sorry for the dead air... I'm hoping to be back here posting regularly again soon. I'm going to have to ease into it, but easing into it is probably better than not writing at all!

Here's a list of things making me happy this week:

...being able to gulp down large quanitites of plain ice water!
...sparkling water still makes me happy though of my baby boy
...the ridiculous amounts of clothes that people have just given us for S!
...figuring out that sleeping every time the baby does doesn't really work for me showers
...going on walks around the neighborhood
...having already lost all the weight I gained while pregnant! chats with my cousin
...driving! Oh, I really missed being able to drive myself! lotion
...the new dark cherry syrup at Starbucks! An iced decaf vanilla dark cherry soy mocha is not necessarily good for you but it is FANTASTIC for your taste buds!
...not plucking my eyebrows to see what they look like all grown in
...super strong nails
...eavesdropping on Ki talking to S
...starting to get used to two hours of sleep at a time
...loading up the dvr with Friends and King of the Hill

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