Thursday, April 10, 2008

wednesday wonders

Happy things!

...going to the gym after work. It's late and maybe a little scary walking back out into the parking lot, but it feels so great to sweat off stress and frustration and get my heart in a tiny bit better shape. The new plan is three times a week no matter what! So far, so good. :) tonics. My new favorite drink when I am in a drink having mood. boxes from Starbucks and the hospital.
...getting pretty close to knowing where I'm going to move to.
...dinner with K and my parents on Sunday night. The Thai food was delicious. How can you not love coconut milk curry?
...going to leave from dinner with K and my parents and then standing in the parking lot talking for another half hour. It is fantastic that my boyfriend is so comfortable around my family.
...having WW points at the end of the day after coming home from work and being able to have a nice little snack before bedtime. I feel like this is a habit I need to break at some point but right now as long as I'm within my points I think it's alright.
...eating ridiculous amounts of fruit. Do you know how delicious an orange is when you keep it in the fridge? It's fantastic. And if you haven't sliced the top off a kiwi and scooped it out with a spoon any time recently, go to the grocery store immediately.
...feeling more confident as a nurses's aide.
...laughing cow reduced fat spreadable cheese. I freaking love that stuff. And I love all the flavors. And I love that the last three times I've bought it I've had a coupon.
...I hate the circumstances, but I am ridiculously happy my dear friend Splenda is moving back to San Antonio in a month or so. It's going to be so kickass!
...good paychecks.
...making out with K.
...K calling me at work to tell me he misses me and he is getting kind of grumpy because he hasn't seen me in a few days. I'm sorry he's a grouch but I like knowing how much he loves me.
...air conditioning.

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