Friday, December 7, 2007

i'm not a baby, i'm actually really sick

I went to the doctor today. You know it's bad when you're patiently sitting in the lobby and the doctor comes out to look at something in the lobby and as she walks back to the exam room area you hear her say "Let's get her started, she looks really miserable."

I had a temp of 99 which is insane for me. I'm never even 98.6 so to actually be beyond that is like 104 for a normal person. Well, maybe not that far, but it is significant in my world.

My doctor listened to my symptoms and then looked in my ears and at my throat and listened to my lungs. Turns out I have a sinus infection, an ear infection, and chest congestion. I got two shots in the doctor's office! One of steroids and one of antibiotics. They went in my hips. Except when they say hips, they really mean butt. So one shot in each cheek. I've never had that done before and let me tell you that antibiotic shot was a bitch. I know that's a bad word and I try to avoid cussing in here, but it really truly was. The nurse warned me a bit before she did it, but I still was not prepared. The combination of the pain and the already feeling miserable just made me cry. I curled up on the exam table to wait for it to subside a little. My doctor gave me a little bag of samples to get me through today and some prescriptions to be filled later.

I sent texts to a few people to let them know what was going on and called work to let them know I wouldn't be in until Tuesday. This afternoon I was kind of dozing off and on and K called to see if I needed anything at the grocery store. I couldn't really think of anything. He said he was picking some stuff up anyway and would be by soon. My amazing boyfriend got me more Kleenex, tv dinners, orange juice, Vitamin Water (our new ridiculous addiction), applesauce, and a People magazine. He said he wanted me to be able to just stay in bed and relax. I'm so lucky to have such a sweet and generous guy! My mom said I don't need her anymore. That's just silly. You always need your mom. But it's pretty awesome to have a boyfriend like K.

I just went and got my prescriptions and some toilet paper and I am seriously wiped. I cannot believe how awful I feel! I am starting to feel a tiny bit better but I am surprised that the little bit of being out and about took so much out of me. Movie time here I come!


tina said...

I know I should be concentrating on the fact that you are sick... because that just sucks. And butt shots... I'm with ya on that one.. they hurt like a bitch. I've had more than my share. But moving right along... maybe it's just my brain being in the gutter where it generally is, but uh... "just went and got my prescriptions and some toilet paper and I am seriously wiped". Toilet paper and seriously wiped. Yea, that's funny. I'm probably the only one laughing though, hah?

m3li558 said...

You know, I usually catch things like that and laugh heartily, but I completely missed it while writing it. I laughed now though, so thanks!

Those shots did help and I really did feel that yesterday afternoon, but holy crap my butt still hurts!