Thursday, March 22, 2012

we're strange allies with warring hearts

My son is stubborn.

This is not a shocking fact as I myself am quite stubborn. I am also very independent and have often felt like I just need to take care of everything myself. It is not a comment on anyone else as much as it is on me. My husband will quietly take care of something for me and it still catches me off guard more often than not.

S and I are doing swim lessons. It's a fantastic set-up and I'm so glad for both of us to be learning. It is going to make hanging out in my parents' new pool much more relaxing for me knowing that he has some respect for water and understanding of how to be in it. However, the lesson time is literally thirty minutes every week when I feel like a sucky mom. S doesn't want to do any of the stuff when it's time to do it. He won't blow bubbles in the water. He freaks out when I am helping him learn how to do a back float. The one thing he will actually do is the spider crawl along the wall because it leads to a slide that he goes down. And he will glide under water from the slide and be super excited about it. He also likes the part where he jumps in and goes under water, but there's a little song we sing and he sits on the edge with his shoulders slumped while all the other little kids are making the fishy motions. Such a little stinker.

I have been naming his body parts since I started dressing and bathing him. He has never seemed like he was listening, much less actually caring about what I was saying. Then all of the sudden tonight, he knew them all! He showed me his head, eyes, nose, mouth, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, hands, and feet. The best part was the whole time he was looking at me like, "Duh, Mom, of course I know where that is!"

That kid is something else. And I love him to pieces!

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