Wednesday, February 29, 2012

wednesday wonderfulness and stuff and glitter

Here's a list of things making me happy this week, dedicated to the fabulous Splenda.

...sparkling water. Always and forever. cute new hair cut being even more awesome when I style it myself.
...Samson's manic hand-waving and shouts of "Byeeeee!" to every car that moves that he sees.
...homemade pumpkin bread. YUMMO!
...The Soup.
...homemade soup!
...having a stocked fridge of plenty of veggies and sparkling water. step study group.
...plans this weekend for brunch!
...the way my mother-in-law dresses bottles of beer. I just can't do it the same!
...the way my fantastic husband will rub my back for me every night.
...Top Chef Texas!
...refocusing and repurposing Band of Mothers.
...previews of The Hunger Games on tv now!
...realizing I don't feel so lost or overwhelmed as a mom anymore.
...having central air to suck out the mugginess (kind of) in my house.
...Mommy and Me swim lessons husband thinks I'm hot.
...livetweeting church!

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